BVT & Bio-PAT at World Smart Bioprocessing

BVT & Bio-PAT at World Smart Bioprocessing

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BVT & Bio-PAT at World Smart Bioprocessing: Pharma 4.0 Summit

The World Smart Bioprocessing. Pharma 4.0 Summit gathered world technology leaders from Pharma, Pharma Suppliers and Biotech to share case studies and interactive breakouts towards commercial progress.

Dr. M. Nicolas Cruz B. (head of KIWI-biolab at Chair of Bioprocess Engineering at TU Berlin) and Prof. Peter Neubauer (Head of the Chair of Bioprocess Engineering at TU Berlin) gave talks:
27.09.23 at 1:40 pm: Smart Manufacturing with Artificial Intelligence: A Digital Twin Strategy for Accelerated Innovation and Industrial Scale-up; Main Hall: Pavillon
29.09.23 at 9:00 am: Prof. Peter Neubauer: Bioprocess Models in the Digital Age – How to Make Value Out of Data; Main Hall: Pavillon
Full program for download.

Bio-PAT, KIWI-biolab and the chair (BVT, TU Berlin) as well as BioNukleo GmbH as a spin-off were also present as an exhibitors at booth 1.

The Chair (BVT, TU Berlin) further offered an exclusive lab tour in the „Lab of the Future“ in the morning on September 27th for some participants. This Lab of the Future is one of three International AI Future Laboratories in Germany.

The tour showcased:

– advanced bioprocessing with artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA), internet of things (IOT) in the KIWI-biolab:

  • Bioprocess robot laboratory for systematic bioprocess development
  • Bioprocess robustness analysis
  • Development of digital models for bioprocesses
  • Method development for robotic facilities
  • Programming for laboratory robots from simple to complex integrated Solutions

– Bioprocess scale down and scale up

– new tools for flexible cultivation in single-use rocking-motion bioreactors (CELL-tainer technology)

– as well as innovative PAT and bioprocess solutions and the Bio-PAT Network, especially:

Some impressions of the lab tour and congress (photos by Anika Bockisch and the organizers of the event):