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Webinar with SOPAT: In-line Particle Measurement

23. November 2023 ; 10:30 11:30

Webinar with SOPAT: In-line Particle Measurement in Pharma & Chemical Industries: Applications & Benefits

In-process measurements provide continuous information about particle behavior under dynamic process conditions, enabling engineers to optimize complex processes. Particles, crystals, and droplets, present in many manufacturing processes and products, often pose challenges when optimizing product quality and process efficiency. Parameters such as particle size, shape, and count are critical factors in final product quality, and can greatly influence process efficiency. Hence control and optimization of the above process parameters is critical to consistently obtain the desired particle attributes.

The Webinar (10:30 am CET, 15:00 pm IST) is organized by Spinco Biotech and conducted in collaboration with SOPAT GmbH and Parsum GmbH. SOPAT is a Bio-PAT member.

Webinar with SOPAT: In-line Particle Measurement

This webinar tackles challenges in in-line measurements in crucial pharmaceutical applications.
Case studies include:

1. Microspheres & Emulsions:
• Modeling real-time influence of process parameters on particle size distribution.
• Distinguishing between emulsion/microsphere particles and air bubbles generated in high-shear processes.

2. Crystallization:
• Unpredictable nucleation leading to variations in crystal size distribution.
• Real-time assessment of polymorphism, distinguishing between single crystals and twins/aggregates.

3. Suspensions:
• High reliance on offline measurements for batch validation.

4. Wurster Coating:
• Coating challenges leading to varied dissolution profiles.
• Maintaining batch consistency is challenging.

5. Roller Compaction:
• Underrepresentation of fines with wide/multi-modal distributions.
• Challenges in maintaining batch-to-batch consistency.



Organizer: Spinco Biotech