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World Smart Bioprocessing: Pharma 4.0 Summit & Lab of the Future Tour at the Chair of Bioprocess Engineering

27. Oktober 2021 ; 9:00 29. Oktober 2021 ; 16:00

In the frame of the the World Smart Bioprocessing. Pharma 4.0 Summit – Pharma 4.0, the Chair of Bioprocess Engineering at the TU Berlin offers an exclusive lab tour in their „Lab of the Future“ for some participants. This Lab of the Future is one of three International AI Future Laboratories in Germany.

The tour will showcase advanced bioprocessing with artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA), internet of things (IOT) and many more. In the lab tour, the following topics will be adressed:

Bioprocess robot laboratory for systematic bioprocess development:
– Bioprocess robustness analysis, Development of digital models for your process
– Method development for robotic facilities
– Programming for laboratory robots from Simple to complex integrated Solutions

Bioprocess scale down and scale up, new tools for flexible cultivation in single-use rocking-motion bioreactors (CELL-tainer technology)

Bio-PAT solutions and Bio-PAT Network:
in-situ fed batch systems (Enpresso GmbH)
– chromatography systems and lipid nanoparticle production technology (KNAUER Wissenschaftliche Geräte GmbH)
– custom designed, modular and automated cell culturing systems (OSPIN GmbH)
– analysis of the population heterogeneity and particle size ditribution by in-situ microscopy (SOPAT GmbH)
in-situ particle analysis in turbid or high cell density media / products (PDW Analytics GmbH)

Further contributions of the Chair of Bioprocess Engineering will be the presentation of Dr. M. Nicolas Cruz B. from the KIWI-biolab on the 27.10.21, Dr. Stefan Junne from the PAT– and Smart Bioproduction Grids on the 28.10.21 and Prof. Peter Neubauer on the 29.10.21.

Organizer: Chair of Bioprocess Engineering

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Venue: Chair of Bioprocess Engineering

Ackerstraße 76
Berlin, 13355 Deutschland
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