Launch of FyoniBio’s CHOFlow® technology

Launch of FyoniBio’s CHOFlow® Technology

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Launch of FyoniBio’s CHOFlow® technology – Enhanced Potency meets Outstanding Manufacturability

The new CHOFlow® technology of the FyoniBio GmbH for the high yield production of afucosylated ADCC enhanced antibodies was successfully launched in May 2023.

Press Release:

May 16, 2023
Berlin, Germany: FyoniBio is expanding its broad panel of different tailored cell lines by its newCHOFlow® technology. The new cell line unifies excellent productivity rates and exceptionally stable and robust production processes of our CHOnamite® host cell line with a proven genetic glyco-engineering strategy to eliminate the core fucose on antibodies as well as other glycoproteins. This allows FyoniBio to develop high yield cell lines that produce our customer’s monoclonal antibody candidates with enhanced antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) effector function to have the potential to improve the therapeutic efficacy of the monoclonal antibodies as well as reduce dosing requirements.

Beyond the well-known effect on the ADCC activity on antibodies against cancer targets novel application fields come into play like infectious disease, immuno-oncology or autoimmune applications.

“We are very excited about this new addition to our already broad spectrum of CHO and GEX® derived cell lines to enable our customers to start the biopharmaceutical development with the best possible cell line being it classical antibodies, bispecifics or other non-antibody proteins” said Lars Stöckl, Managing Director of FyoniBio.

By using a reference monoclonal antibody, the CHOFlow® technology has been shown to result in clones with productivities >5 g/L with excellent stability of the cell line as well as quality of the produced monoclonal antibody in a short timeline.

FyoniBio is a member of the network Bio-PAT.