SOPAT: 5 years partnership with Spinco Biotech

SOPAT: 5 years partnership with Spinco Biotech

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SOPAT celebrates 5 years of fruitful partnership with Spinco Biotech

SOPAT GmbH celebrates 5 years of a successful professional relationship with Spinco Biotech Pvt. Ltd.

In 2011, led by Dr. Sebastian Maaß; SOPAT set out with a vision to provide inline measurement solutions to the process industry to deliver real-time process data achieving an effective process control cycle while saving important resources.

With Spinco’s brand of ‘customerization’, the vision has now taken deep roots in the Indian market with multiple installations across the Industry especially for the pharmaceutical segment.

At ACHEMA, on 23rd August, 2022, SOPAT announced its acquisition of Parsum GmbH. Parsum specializes in the field of particle measurement technology for powder, granules, pellets and other solid phase systems. With the Parsum patented fiber-optic spatial filter technique for particle measurement, it becomes possible to analyze several thousand particles per second. With more than 20 years of experience and 400+ systems sold worldwide, they are masters of their art when it comes to inline analysis for solid phase systems like fluidized bed granulation, spray drying and the like.

“Our ambition will be to leverage Parsum’s immense international potential and continue to grow together.”

Dr. Sebastian Maaß comments on Parsum acquisition.

SOPAT GmbH is an Industry leader in providing photo-optical inline particle analysis solutions. With their image-based photo-optical measurement system, it becomes possible to analyze in real time the particle size and shape distribution as well as other characteristic parameters. A major advantage of using the SOPAT system is that you are able to make direct measurements of the particle-laden flow streams without having a bypass, conditioning or sampling in/of the process line.   

Looking back at the 5-year partnership with Spinco Biotech, Dr. Sebastian Maaß remarked, “Our relationship with Spinco started professionally but has developed into a more personal one. Spinco is a long term and cherished partner of SOPAT. I personally have seen many employees working in the same company for years, the loyalty of the Spinco staff is extraordinary, we are looking forward to expand this partnership with the incorporation of Parsum to SPINCO portfolio.”

Spinco team & Rahul Rane
Sundaram Mohan, Rahul Rane and Dr. Mirco Wegener during PMEC 2022

We are looking forward to another 5 years of collaboration with SPINCO!

“Sopat + Parsum + Spinco = Customer Delight

True to our company’s mission of ‘Bringing Technology and Enabling Science’ we, at Spinco, have always brought in the best of technologies and innovative solutions anticipative of the needs of our customers in India. SOPAT & Parsum’s solutions are not only unique in terms of their technological innovation but, also in their deeper vision to constantly progress to address the new areas of applications, new challenges and market demands with inclusive collaboration. Spinco is extremely delighted for the successful SOPAT + Parsum partnership representation in India and our mutual responsibility to enable customer’s success today and forever. Together with you towards tomorrow!”

Sundaram Mohan, Country Manager (Spinco)

Source: SOPAT GmbH, a Bio-PAT member