World Bioproduct Day July 7th

World Bioproduct Day July 7th

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World Bioproduct Day July 7th

Read about the great contributions to the circular bioeconomy of our Bio-PAT e.V. members:

ℹ️ At the ABiTEP GmbH naturally occurring microorganisms are propagated and used for an effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable production of highly efficient soil additives, pest control, fertiliser and feed products. Microbial products for composting and biological purification as well as microbial additives and starter cultures for the agricultural sector complete the portfolio.

ℹ️ The ANiMOX GmbH develops solutions for the use of by-products in biobased industrial processes. The company provides analysis, assessment and treatment of industrial protein-containing residues.

ℹ️ The foom technology helps to accelerate natural composting processes of organic waste with the support of specially combined microorganisms. The process is conducted with a special bioreactor on-site where the biowaste arises producing natural fertiliser. This avoids long transport routes as well as costly production processes of artificial fertiliser and the associated emissions, e.g. of CO2.

ℹ️ The working group „Bioconversion“ at Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy (ATB) researches on the production of various basic and special chemicals from biogenic raw materials or residues in partly continuous bioprocesses. These biobased chemicals can be further processed into bioplastics such as polylactic acid (PLA).

ℹ️ At the Chair of Bioprocess Engineering at Technische Universität Berlin various research projects in the field of biobased production and circular bioeconomy are conducted, e.g. the microbial production of biopolymers, such as polyhydroxyalcanoates – PHA (100% biodegradable), or of fatty acids and probiotics for food and feed as well as the energetic use of biomass.

Process analytical tools (PAT) help to monitor, characterize, and control these bioprocesses.

More information about the World Bioproduct Day on July 7th are provided in the video:

World Bioproduct Day July 7th